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The Central Iowa Symphony is your community orchestra.  There are a number of ways you can support the orchestra.


The musicians and audience mutually benefit from the energy in a full auditorium.  You can help make this happen by inviting others to attend concerts with you.  Buy extra season tickets for colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, introducing them to the excellent orchestral music in in central Iowa.


Support the orchestra by serving on the Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for the care and administration of the property of the orchestra and for conducting its normal business affairs.  This includes rental of rehearsal and performance space, hiring of a Music Director, tickets, publicity, marketing, and grant writing.  Board members contribute based on their backgrounds and skills.


CIS needs your support.  Nearly 60 percent of the funding for the Central Iowa Symphony comes from patrons like you.  The consistent and generous support from our patrons allows us to rent the Ames City Auditorium for rehearsals and performances, rent and purchase music, provide honoraria for principal and guest performers, and bring many of central Iowa's (and even the world's) best performers to our stage.


Patrons often step up to underwrite specific pieces of music, guest performers, and whole concerts.  CIS's appreciation includes acknowledgement in the programs and from the stage.  Please consider underwriting some of your favorite music.


In the words of the Story County Community Foundation, "Legacy funds are ideal for families and individuals who want to share how their assets should be distributed after their lifetimes.  Donors establish legacy funds to receive their assets from a will or trust and personally communicate how their charitable contributions will forever benefit their favorite charities."

Please consider making a legacy gift for the benefit of the Central Iowa Symphony.

For contributions and other inquiries, contact us on-line, or write to us at Central Iowa Symphony, P.O. Box 1080, Ames, IA, 50014-1080.

Thank you!

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