Eric McIntyre, CIS Music Director and Conductor

Message from the Maestro

Eric L. McIntyre

CIS Music Director and Conductor

I simply cannot express how grateful and excited I am to return to the podium with the Central Iowa Symphony after a hiatus of over sixteen months. It has been a challenge for musicians everywhere to navigate such a long period of time without our traditional performance outlets, and I am certain that our audiences have had an equally difficult time with such limited access to live music. Yet, here we are again, ready to bring live orchestral concerts to our community. We return with renewed vigor and conviction about the value of our art and its power to bind our community together through shared experience in the concert hall.

I am particularly proud of the fact that this season features a wonderful collection of compositions that are probably new for many in our audience. In fact, only four works on the entire season have been previously played by CIS, and in each of those cases, the last performance was over twenty years ago.

Does that mean the music will seem foreign? Of course not! The nostalgic tones of Ruth Crawford Seeger’s Rissolty, Rossolty and Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony are formly rooted in familiar folk traditions, while the music of Angela Morley and John Barry remind us that many of our most powerful musical voices today work in the realm of film score. And, there is plenty of music by well-known musical giants, including Gioachino Rossini, César Franck, and Georges Bizet. And, if you don’t recognize the name Dieterich Buxtehude, just note that the young J.S. Bach walked over 200 miles to hear him play. This is music worth travelling for, but you don’t have to: It’s right here in our in our community, performed by members of our community. Please join us for yet another musical journey with the Central Iowa Symphony.